• My recent trip to Boiling Crab in San Jose pretty much inspired this “Fact” post.  While everyone was getting arms deep into all the shrimps and sauce, I realized my hands were the cleanest.  It’s not just only Boiling Crab but ribs, pizzas and burgers… I’m just more of a utensil type of person.  I’m slightly OCD-ish when it comes to eating with my hands.  I’ll just use my pointer fingers and thumbs, and if my middle fingers get dirty… I’m still rather calm… BUT the minute the rest of the hands get somewhat dirty, I’m using my 100th napkin.  I’m constantly either licking my fingers clean or wiping my hand.  Maybe that’s why I’m always the last person still eating when everyone is hella full!

    Yes, I am that girl that eats a messy burger and pizza with a knife and fork! Yes, I still have my dad shell my shrimps/crabs when I eat with him (yes i do realize I’m in my mid-20’s) I really just don’t like to get dirty.  The thought of something oozy and dripping down my hands to my wrists and slightly down my arms sends me into a near anxiety attack.  HAHA I can’t keep my room clean but I sure can keep my hands!

  • In case you didn’t know what it looked like ^

    I think my mom was going through a semi mid-life crisis (She was like 40ish?) and decided “Hey! I’ll just own a red Porsche when I drive a X5!” And seeing this was around the time I was getting my license (16 years old)… I was privileged enough to drive this pretty lady around! Imagine all the looks I got when it was a litto Asian girl getting out of the driver’s seat! (I lived in white suburbia) 

    Unfortunately, because I was young and reckless and AN ASIAN FEMALE, I devalued the car when I got into a fucking fender bender with a VOLVO!!! WTF… my car got FUCKED but the Volvo (which was driven by a classmate, sooo embarrassing) got away with scratches… But seeing that was the only car to get me from school to work and back home, we got her fixed and I continued to drive her until I got my own car… which eventually got me “Best Car” in our senior polls cuz I be the only one at my school rolling through in a silver Lexus GS 300.  My daddy sure does love me ^___^V

    What was your first car?

  • I pretty much burn whatever I put in the oven.  Cookies, cake, bread… No matter how closely I read the directions, I just cannot bake.  WHO FUCKS UP ON THEM BREAK AND BAKE COOKIES?! THIS GIRL!!! Seriously… 1) Pre-heat oven 2) break the cookie dough and place on cookie sheet 3) Place into oven 4) Take out of oven and let it cool… I guess somewhere between steps 3 and 4, I get distracted (cuz 20 mins is a long time to wait!) and end up forgetting about said cookies… hence blackened cookies!  If something comes out of the oven perfect… it’s guaranteed that I had nothing to do with it! :( Betty crocker is not my middle name…

  • Yes I do realize that in order for me to have a wedding, I must be engaged… and NO I am not engaged, but as a girl, you think about your wedding from the day you started playing house so I’m getting an early start!

    I have been in love with this color scheme for years and years! Well 1) my favorite color has always been PURPLE for as long as I can remember, which is funny because I remembered when it was UNCOOL to like purple because that meant you were gay (yea my childhood was like that) 2) the orange inspiration came from Birds or Paradise flowers and sunsets 3) I want a Fall Wedding so these two colors scream out FALL!!!

    My obsession for purple is so deep that when my cousin, who is my BEST friend/sister, started to like/love purple, got engaged and contemplated purple as her color, I straight up got butt-hurt and threw a temper tantrum like I was 5… luckily she had her own vision in mind…

    If you cannot imagine these two colors working out… I’ve gathered a couple visuals for you to enjoy:

    So maybe if some of you fellow tumblrs become great friends with me, you might see the end result in a few years! <3

  • Obviously when I’m dead tired. But I have heard from a few people that they know when I’ve completely knocked out for the count. How? Well obviously the breathing gets a little rhythmic and lulling, but I’m special because right before I slip completely into my subconscious, I let out a little snort. It’s not super loud but definitely audible enough for my college roommate to hear from across the room. So while I may or may not snore the whole night away, just listen for that one snort and you will know I am completely asleep. And I’m a heavy sleeper so make noise, bang pots, idgaf I’m having me a good sleep!

    With that I bid thee a restful slumber… G’nite

  • Just chit-chatting with my pbffl… and I realized that I have never eaten at Chipotle… The 4 years I’ve spent in Davis, I’ve probably walked by it a gajillion times and year after year I would make the attempt to go in for a free burrito on free burrito day but alas… it still hasn’t happen.  Now I work downtown in SF and there’s one literally across the street and yet… Still haven’t had one.  Well my reason is that the line for Chipotle during lunch rush is beyond ridic and I have fresher faster food I can go grab. And… I LIVE IN THE CITY… if I want Mexican food, there’s the mission district, or Papalote’s down the block from where I live (:X I’m giving out a lot of details as to where I work and live…) or I can go to Gordo’s by BF’s place…

    So who wants to burst my chipotle cherry?

  • I love chocolate.  It’s just unfortunate that after ingestion of dark delicious chocolate, anything richer than milk chocolate… I go through these little bouts of sneezing fits.  Same with chocolate ice cream, mocha drinks, etc… the richer the cocoa, the likelihood that I will sneeze 2-3 like 2 minutes after intake.  People find it amusing… Glad to be your entertainment. ^___^V

  • Both my parents have 7 siblings… Each sibling have 2-4 children… After counting all that, I have a total of 40 first cousins and 4 second cousins (the kids of my cousin?)… Out of the 40 first cousins: 7 of them are older than me, oldest being 37 (?) while the rest are younger with the youngest at 5. In my immediate family, I am the oldest with a younger brother (21 y.o.) and 2 younger half-siblings (10 and 6, respectively).  My brother and I grew up stateside while my younger half-siblings reside in Vietnam with my dad and Step-mom. =) So I guess you can say a majority of my life have been surrounded by babies every other year <3 I can change a diaper faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpeealedocious!

    Coming from a family this large, I never grew up lonely… it may be a reason as to why I never had many friends around or I was quick to discard them. (I don’t mean discard them in the sense where I just threw them away, but I had a ton of people I would grow close with and after some time, we would grow apart - I will always consider them my friend and if we were to reunite, it would be as if no time has ever passed! That’s just how I maintain my friendships.) I was/am constantly around my family because they are so fun to be around.  If you come from a huge family like this, you totally understand! It’s nice having life-long friends but it’s a double whammy if they fall under both the friends and family category. We may fight and bicker but at the end of the day… since we are family, we put it aside and know that the love for one another is unconditional.

    Friends come and go, but family is forever.  Although my family is now all over the map, and we aren’t as close as I would like us to be, I still think about the memories we’ve shared and cannot wait for the adventures to come once we are all reunited again! We’re getting older and the world is our playground! <3

  • Economics was to shut my mother up and Japanese to make me happy.  Economics was practical in the long run sense cuz I think about my future and Japanese because I LOVE the culture!!! Economics because there will always be a demand for someone in the finance sector and Japanese because I probably can do something international with it. 

    To sum it up I chose Economics as my major because it was the practical choice.  I choose to stay safe and picked up a degree that I was semi passionate about.  Do I regret it? NO because I will admit that taking those econ theory classes definitely placed A LOT of things into perspective… Like who would’ve guessed that having slaves was economically better for the landowners and that farm families have a bajillion kids in efforts to keep labor cheap (kids = indentured servants ;D) I certainly didn’t. 

    Japanese I picked up along the way.  I first started learning Japanese in 6th grade and when I had transferred to a different high school and they didn’t offer Japanese, I continued it at the JC… finally once I got to college, I picked it up for my foreign language requirement and took extra classes to fulfill a minor but I loved all the subjects so much that I went and studied abroad to finish up the major! I haven’t spoken the language in 2 years but I can still read some of it and write it.  Hopefully, I can pick it back up soon and actually find some use for it.

    What are you currently studying or have studied?

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE HORRIBLE TRASHY REALITY TV SHOWS! Especially those from MTV and VH1: Real World, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives… you name it, I watch it.  I also LOVE shows from Bravo - any of the Real Housewives… meh - except New York cuz I could care less about those ladies, my fave: HANDS DOWN New Jersey! Jerseylicious - sure why not. KUWTK (Keeping Up With the Kardashians) HELLS YEA!

    I don’t know why I’m so addicted to these shows… I know it turns my semi-intellectual brain to mush but I think seeing how drama unfolds amongst these characters just makes my life complete. Also, it could be because the “real world” and all of it’s news is just so goddarn depressing… I need to counterbalance that with numbing visual garbage!

    So if you wanna talk trashy shows with me, leave me a message we can gab it up like there is no tomorrow!

    What should my next fact be about?

  • By lunar zodiac standards: I was born in the year of the Rabbit, and by western: a Pisces.  So if you are good at inferring things, you should know approximately what month/year I was born in! :)

    When I say Lunar zodiac, it’s because I am not Chinese, but Vietnamese. And the Lunar system was a direct influence from China, however, in Vietnam my sign is technically the Year of the Cat, not Rabbit.  But I think rabbits are so much cuter than cats (oh here comes the hate spam from cat lovers). I love my lunar sign so much that when I turned 18, I got it inked on me… it’s small and well hidden that sometimes I forget it’s even there!!! (Let’s just say, I kinda regret the placement but hey I was 18!!! And my parents would’ve KILLED me if they found out!)

    I bet you can guess where it’s at! Any takers?

    I also wanted to get my Pisces sign done too but I didn’t know exactly where.  Thank god I didn’t!  So anyways, I went through a phase in my life (3-6 months, sometime in High School) where I would read up on my sign: relationships, compatibility, etc.  It got kinda out of hand: (see proof below)

    YES - that IS an Astro-analysis book on Pisces! Yes I am crazy! @.@ Yes my interests are/were all over the spectrum: fix-it book to origami to basic interior design to basic guitar method. (And this is just a snapshot of a small section of my book shelf, just imagine what other subjects are on my shelves!)

    I love that I am the product of these two signs because my personalities fit perfectly with what is stereotypically a Pisces or person born in the year of the Rabbit. Even so, I DON’T let what I read define me, or tell me how to live my life, but it helps ME understand my complexities. For example, I am very sensitive in the sense that I am emotionally in tune with those around me and yes I tend to have an worry-free attitude, but I do stress internally, I just don’t like to show it externally. So while my life is falling apart, I will still muster up a smile and put on that everything is fine.

    So with all that said and done, can you guess what my birthday is? I’ll give you a cookie!

    Also, what should my next fact be about?

  • GPOY. Getting ready to head out for the day…

    GPOY. Getting ready to head out for the day…